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Tarot card astrological signs (easy)
August 29, 2016 11:00 PM PDT
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Every tarot card in your deck has a "sign" and in today's lesson we show you how to find out what that sign is and how to understand it in the context of a reading. Lori sat in on today's lesson and helped out. We looked at the basics of astrology (qualities and elements) so that we could better understand WHY and HOW each of your tarot cards has a special and unique meaning. Nowhere else (that I know of) is the astrological value of each tarot card laid out in simple, factual, and carefully verified detail.

All of this comes from The Easiest Way to learn the Tarot—EVER!! at the back of the book, and if you ever have any questions you are always welcome to email me and ask. I will do what I can to help you master all of this.

Understanding the astrological sign of each card in your deck is super easy once you know how (listen to today's lesson) and it involves looking at the image and understanding what the action is that is taking place in the image. Think of this as "additional information" to add depth and rich detail to your readings. It does not replace your intuition: it enhances it. Thanks for being here smiley

Let me know how I can help make this even easier for you.

Why the Celtic Cross is your BFF
August 25, 2016 04:04 PM PDT
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The Celtic Cross spread is an overview spread that shows you all parts of a situation in ways that smaller, less coordinated spreads can't. When you learn and master this amazing spread (and all of its hidden spreads, patterns, and themes) you can get 3-5 times MORE INFORMATION than you normally could. This is three to five times more info than any other tarot reader you meet.

Also, you can VERIFY the accuracy and poignancy of the CC spread *before* you open your mouth and start making predictions. This saves you time, sanity, and your reputation. I sat down to discuss all of this with Andrea today. We went 30 minutes, which was a bit longer than the new format, but it is good, solid information and a reminder to learn and use the Celtic Cross for most of your spread questions.

This starts a new series of podcasts designed to help you stretch and grow your abilities in anticipation of professional training. Thank you for being here with us. I am ALWAYS here to answer questions. Just email me.


Advanced spread techniques: How to double your accuracy in a reading
May 02, 2016 01:59 PM PDT
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The main focal point of this lesson is on opening up cards and "clarification cards." We cover when to open up cards and how to do it to get the results you want(enhanced clarity, greater accuracy and much more detail. To this end I covered a lot of ground on what to do before you get to this point (needing to open up cards) and how to make the most of it when you do.

Other things covered in today's free tarot lesson include what spreads not to open cards and
how to silence the inner doubt and nagging voices inside your head while giving a reading. All in all these techniques (just in this one free lesson alone) will help you double your accuracy and detail level in a reading.

If you are serious about mastering the tarot I have extended the $5/week ($2.50 per 90-minute video lesson essentially WITH forums, study groups, study buddies, and community access) special for a while due to a previous screw up with the sign-up process. You do not want to miss this. This is a$3,000course that you can grab for $220, and you only have to pay $5 a week (no"downpayment"required).

If you have any questions just post them here in the comments section. Thanks for being here.Dusty

How to cast more accurate spreads: pre-spreadwork / shuffling
April 28, 2016 03:21 PM PDT
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Shuffling is an underrated art in tarot readings. Too many people assume that it is done a few times or that you hand your cards over to your client (as if they will know what to do with them). This all sounds nice in "New Age tarot 101" class but it is in fact a crippling way to remove any accuracy or precision from your readings. In fact, if you like random cards that have NOTHING AT ALL to do with your client's question or circumstance, this is the method for you.

Alternatively, we can do our pre-spreadwork properly (shuffling, focusing, talking to ourselves/our client, listening for the "ding" . . .) and by doing this we can get MUCH BETTER answers. And that is what this lesson is about.

There is no way I could cover all of this in 40 minutes so this is just a shot of information to improve your skills "right now" with an invitation to come learn ALL of what you need to know to become a kick-ass tarot reader at our academy. Right now we have a $5 special: $5 a week for three lessons/week (two 90-minute video lessons and one 60-minute audio), and forums, and study groups, and study buddies. You really should check this out: http://www.easytarotlessons.com/members/sign-up-for-the-course-here/

It will change your life. Anyway, thanks for being here. Please post any questions. Dusty

Court cards & Froot Loops!
April 27, 2016 04:27 PM PDT
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In today's lesson we take a new look at court cards. April is a talented reader with no small amount of experience, but court cards were presenting their usual problems, so we went ahead and dove into that. Along the way we covered how to get your client to communicate more effectively and honestly with you, what types of psychic abilities you have, and why Toucan Sam is so much cooler than the Trix rabbit.

We closed out with a new exercise to help court cards make sense in any situation and how your practice with your cards will make your mediumship capabilities skyrocket.

Exercise 4: Here's exactly how to do it
April 21, 2016 08:06 PM PDT
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Dawn was having trouble with exercise four from The Easiest Way to learn the Tarot—EVER!! Going from one card to another in a linear-time fashion can be problematic if we are doubtful on the meanings of cards, or worse: if we have memorized fixed meanings for each card.

So, in today's lesson we took time to go through exercise 4 several times, slowly and carefully working our way through various possible meanings. Along the way I showed Dawn how to better understand the cards in her deck, and as a last minute bonus we covered a special technique on how to master court cards in any situation. I hope you enjoy this lesson. It is simple but has great value. Thanks for being here smiley

Real life example of Advanced Spread Techniques
April 21, 2016 04:37 PM PDT
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Vera was having issues with seeing overall patterns and the hidden inferences in the spreads she casts, so we sat down and worked through this. In today's free audio lesson we look at how cards interact in a spread.

This is a very deep subject and one that cannot be covered in-depth in a 30-minute session, but we were able to get to the core issues and do a practice run where we designed an impromptu spread to solve a real-life problem. Along the way we figured out how to overcome Vera's personal concerns (the reason for the spread) and at the same time help her understand the method of blending cards, finding similarities and tensions between cards in a spread to flesh out the deeper answer to the question at hand. This is a powerful lesson and one I hope you will enjoy. It has great information to help you master your cards and become a truly gifted reader. Thanks for being here smiley

Episode 104Real life spread advice: spread accuracy, court cards, yes/no questions
April 20, 2016 11:46 AM PDT
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Today's lesson has something for everyone. What happens when you are reading a spread and your bias gets in the way of the message? How can we know when that is happening and how can we stop it? How do we know when we are reading the future versus our current state? What if things change? We need to be able to give ourselves and clients ACCURATE information, not "good for now, until it changes" information. This is what we cover in today's free audio lesson. We also cover a bit more on court cards (we can never seem to get enough of that) and how and when to use small spreads for best effect (yes/no spreads, 1, 2, and 3 card spreads).

Today's lesson covers several topics and it lasts about an hour. It covers a lot of ground that will help you become a MUCH better reader by indirectly correcting most mistakes readers make. Good habits come from this lesson. I hope you enjoy it. I will have more free lessons soon. Dusty.


Pre-spreads (how to do them, when, and why)
March 31, 2016 04:44 PM PDT
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Prespreads: Today Lilianne and I sat down and talked about pre-spreads, what they are, when to use them, how to use them, and why you want to go through the extra effort of casting a spread before you cast a spread. This information is covered far more in-depth in the course at easytarotlessons.com, and in my book Advanced Tarot Secrets, but in today's free lesson we hit the topic pretty thoroughly. We also covered the pitfalls of reading for yourself and also reading for people you know intimately. But not to let this go unsolved we covered the exact steps necessary to become proficient at reading for yoruself, strangers, and for friends and family. We also covered a tiny bit on dowsing; just pointing to where that information can be found.

All in all Lilianne asked three main questions today and the core purpose of this podcast episode is to give you a complete rundown on wwhat pre-spreads are and how to do them, and before we got to that we covered the other two questions briefly. Thanks for being here. As always, proper practice is everything but you can always ask me questions. Comment or email me. I am here to help.


How to know what Court Cards actually mean in a spread
March 30, 2016 05:26 PM PDT
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Super long lesson today. The core purpose of this lesson was to cover how to tell what court cards mean in a spread (person, place, event, circumstance, etc) but because Zay is so new we meandered a bit with some basic reading techniques to help her get up to speed. This extended the length of the lesson far beyond the 30 minutes I had planned, but it also provides a wealth of extra information that is useful to know, but has little or no direct connection to "how do we tell when a court card is ___."

In any case, I hope that you enjoy today's lesson. It runs about an hour and a half, but there is no fluff. It is education from beginning to end. Thanks for being here. Please post any questions you have.


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